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    Like new Icom IC-7000 VHF/UHF/HF Transceiver $800

    oooohhhh..... EDIT: I'll take it. Does anyone want a Yaesu FTM-100DR? Hit me up when you're in San Diego, regardless!
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    Yet another engine rebuild / replacement thread v8 options

    Now TPS is not an issue:
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    Rover V8 Powered Airplane???

    17 miles per gallon!!!
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    The Land Rover photo thread (original content)

    Have to give the credit for the license plate!
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    The Land Rover photo thread (original content)

    Time for my 110 photo (it was a rental, and the photo is a "reenactment" of one famous picture by my daughter and her fiance). Close to Bowmore distillery in Islay, four days ago.
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    Congratulations Z.G!

    Congratulations Zack!
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    Front Diff with locker.... arb or true trac

    I think he wants to buy one.
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    Superwinch Husky 10 winch - new/old stock (brand new)

    "poodle" in Kyle Van Tassel's speak.
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    Garage Condo - Mind the Gap

    This is insanely great. I want one, too.
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    Tool Deals Thread

    About 18 years ago or so, we had a Discoweb group buy of a bunch of spare parts off a D1 being taken apart somewhere in San Ysidro, near the border. Don't laugh - at the time there was no aftermarket and dealer parts were ridiculously expensive. Being closest to the place, I went and grabbed the...
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    I've had enough of this crap.

    Send the f##ker to a re-education camp!
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    Border to Border ... along the Border

    Chris, let's be realistic :) Any Pioneer head unit is just another cha-cha-cha. Just didn't have time to get and install the Continental head unit before the trip. ... and all my ham radios are Yaesu (except for one Kenwood).
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    Border to Border ... along the Border

    Funny you should mention it. On most trips, I fret over my truck's behavior- listen to all noises, and whatnot. When we went to Baja California last year, I detected a rattling noise from the engine, and was obsessed with it for a while. This trip - aside from 9-10 mpg, nothing bothered me...
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    Border to Border ... along the Border

    Thanks for encouragement, guys!
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    Border to Border ... along the Border

    Dave - sorry, it was getting late and we had to hammer it home. Wish I knew more about Maughan!