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    1991 200TDI to R2.8--couple remaining questions

    Ah okay, I thought they looked like something laser cut, so I was curious how you did that.
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    1991 200TDI to R2.8--couple remaining questions

    Did you make your own motor mounts?
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    14CUX Fuel Relays

    I’ve been using the AB ones for years and have installed several sets with no issues.
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    Used set of Eyebrows/Flares

    Have these been painted?
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    Oil Pan Clearance - TC and Drive Plate

    There is enough space, but I would recommend leaving it off because the torque converter bolts are hard to install with the pan in place.
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    NAS 3.9 Fan Clutch Removal - which direction?

    If the belt goes over the pulley, the fan is left hand thread. If the belt goes under the pulley, the fan is standard thread. You want to turn that one as if you were tightening a bolt because it is left hand thread.
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    car trailer

    Mine is pretty old and is totally the wrong spec. I think a z71 has lower gears in the diffs, they had optional air helper springs in the rear, Also could have got the 2500. The four speed transmission isn’t a good fit for it
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    car trailer

    It still is way underpowered, over geared, and the hydro boost brakes are garbage. I can’t wait to sell it haha
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    car trailer

    I tow with my 2005 suburban 1500 a lot, and it is a terrible tow vehicle. Mine doesn’t have the rear air suspension, so it really can’t handle any tongue weight. I have to use a weight distribution hitch for it to have enough tongue weight but not squat. It can be scary to to with compared to a...
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    car trailer

    Just my $.02, but used trailers often aren’t much cheaper than new ones. Trailers often tend to get abused. I’d consider new. I bought mine from Kaufman and have been very happy with it.
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    Cummins Repower ISF 2.8 for Defenders

    Is there a lot of difference in quality of AN lines? I don’t have a ton of experience with them, but i don’t like the way they look. I do appreciate how easy they are to use in custom applications.
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    Which doors fit which years? Which are the best?

    Is it a soft top or hard top? Either style will fit.
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    Land Rovers That Suck

    Way down yonder on the chattahoochee… I can only assume this build had an unlimited budget.
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    Land Rovers That Suck

    Finger over the lens is the cherry on top.