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    How to use BG 44K in maximizing chances passing California smog test for 95 NAS D90

    I think the smog shop we use at the dealership (LR Santa Monica) is pretty lenient.
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    The Hamburgler's adventure

    The 6.0 are so cheap now, I’m tempted to buy one just for the fuck of it.
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    What have you done today to your Land Rover

    Installed the Land Rover 110 badge and mounted the spare spare tire.
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    What have you done today to your Land Rover

    Nah, I've got to get the Kenwood radio out of it first.
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    What have you done today to your Land Rover

    I installed a radio from Out of Sight Audio in the center console. No head unit or amplifier is needed, so this suits me perfectly. If I were to do it again I would probably mount it under the console, but it’s still out of the way.
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    The Hamburgler's adventure

    Awesome. Raub is a great guy.
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    Parts that do not need to be Genuine

    This is 100% true. We've been using the red ones from AB at the dealership because the Genuine ones just fail after couple of months. We also have not had good luck with Lucas ones from Worldpac.
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    300Tdi P-Gasket

    I've done two of these and both times I had issues with broken bolts. One was on the short stud that broke, which was not a huge deal, just had to drill and tap. The second time it was one of the long bolts that goes through the alternator bracket. It had rusted inside of the bracket, not the...
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    1987 D90 Frame-Off Restoration

    What is in place of the ash tray on the upper dash pad? Looks like a screen.
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    New take off wheels/tires

    I put them on my wife's Discovery. They are super smooth and quiet (as expected with a street tire). I'd have to check, but I think they are M+S rated. Probably better in the snow than most off road tires. For the price, I don't think you are going to get anything close to as nice as these.
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    I doubt the Grenadier will be sold in the US. I imagine it will fill the void that Land Rover is leaving for commercial and military use.
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    What have you done today to your Land Rover

    Every dealership I've worked has had that tool and I don't think I've ever used it! I bet that's nice when you're working on your own.
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    Seat Base Clip

    Jason Lavender at Series Defender Outfitters sells them.
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    Cars you have owned

    Past: 2000 Discovery 2000 Discovery 1989 Range Rover Classic 1995 Jaguar XJS Convertible 1989 Range Rover Classic 1994 Jaguar XJS Coupe V12 1983 Range Rover Classic 1973 MGB Roadster 1989 Jaguar XJS Coupe V12 1985 Defender 110 Double Cab 1995 Discovery 5 speed 1985(?) Rover SD1 1998 Discovery...