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    Tripp King - Royal Defenders

    There was another thread a few months ago about this guy on the other forum
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    FREE: Front Axle and Radius Arms from 1989 Defender 90

    I think I could use the radius arms and can get someone to pick them up if you are open to separating this set
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    1997 NAS D90 300TDI $ 95,000

    Beautiful - and diesel too! GLWS!
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    Glad to hear this has reached a conclusion.
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    That was kindof my point.. Anyone can throw anecdotal data out there. ref:
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    Can you point to empirical evidence that Diesel has higher maintenance costs? This article offers a differing opinion.
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    My Disco V gets 25 - 30mpg in moderate long distance driving, depending on speed. This gives me about 400 miles of range with the torque of a V8 and the efficiency of a 4cyl, with fuel prices between 89 and 93 octane gasoline. That's why I want diesel.
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    I was open to $50-60k with a diesel. $75k without? phbbbtttt. No thanks. I guess if I want a modern diesel Defender, I'll have to build my own.
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    Welp, no diesel option in the US. That's a kick in the nuts. This article is disappointing on so many levels. And
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    Garmin Overlander $499 w/mail in rebate

    I ordered my Garmin Overlander on the 30th of may and it arrived today. The Garmin rebates site was easy to navigate and I'm expecting my $200 gift card shortly. I purchased through, so I'll get an additional 10% back at the end of the year. A win win.
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    What's with sliders these days?

    I was standing on a set of them yesterday - they are phenomenal.
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    Tool Deals Thread

    Agreed - I prefer all metric sets to combos
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    NAS 110 #66

    Oh don't you worry !
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    The Unboxing Swag Thread

    Hope to find out sooner than later
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    The Unboxing Swag Thread

    swagtastic LHD TD5 era dash swap from sp-4x4